Tuesday, December 27, 2011

12.16.11–12.26.11 — the last drawing here

I'm going to start posting my artwork on a new blog, which is tied in with my temari-making. You can see all future artwork as I post it at "kumo means cloud" — see you there!

12.16.11–12.26.11 Pen & ink and colored pencil on watercolor paper. 11 x 13 inches.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

what I've been up to - Japanese temari

I'm still drawing in sketchbooks — and starting to work with colored pencil — but the majority of my creative time has been all about temari. Temari are thread-wrapped embroidered spheres; a traditional Japanese folk art that has become more widely practiced in the West over the past few decades. I've sort of been all about temari for the last six months. If you're interested in taking a look, here are some links:

Etsy Shop

I hope to post some sketchbook drawings soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the colorful three-dimensional temari! Sales benefit Kiva.org.